Their angular face and you can distinctly feline actions identify your from the other patrons

Their angular face and you can distinctly feline actions identify your from the other patrons

He’s got a slim create and you may agile fingertips, best for plucking the latest strings regarding his lute if the enjoy requires your

Vieri Barboro NE men 50 % of-elf Bard (thrall) It aloof bard works within tavern that is frequently viewed tuning a great lute he barely plays. Vieri’s magic would be the fact he is an excellent spy in addition to physical manifestation of the new tavern’s power, and this extends to influence over the years and you can place. Without a full time income creature, they are very attracted to Fantasies Get-off-a highly addicting substance that produces distortions out of perception. Vieri are pallid having raven-black locks he commonly wears fastened straight back of their deal with. Like other halfelves, they have some directed ears and you may darkvision. He’s got steely gray sight triggered by green blood vessels you to radiate across the their face. Vieri offers a wallet regarding Fantasies Log off you to definitely replenishes by itself during the the termination of every single day. Vieri’s stats is obtainable on the page 234.

Bryn Harjolf gets the statistics of a beneficial knight. Yet not in most cases he is in keeping outfits instead out of dish (Air-conditioning ten). The guy and additionally matches together with his enchanted greatsword.

Firearm (greatsword), uncommon (means attunement) The brand new wielder on the blade development By ethnicity dating service +step one to help you assault and you can destroy rolls created using so it wonders firearm. At exactly the same time, when you find yourself adjusted compared to that gun, its users rates are increased by 5 ft and they’ve got advantage on effort rolls. Curse. This greatsword was cursed, and is attuned so you can they runs the brand new curse on the adjusted. Provided the fresh new curse continues to be the manager is actually hesitant 223

Jarah is recognized for the lady sleight of hand, trained to the woman by Vieri Barboro

hip. He is the most up-to-date captive of one’s tavern, seized certain forty years in the past. He idolises people who be like the fresh new heroes within his favourite publication.

Jarah was an old 100 % free Swords thug to own get which have a good small vibe. She finds out their captivity incredibly dull and you can wants to admission the full time because of the gaming otherwise doing ingesting game. She dislikes Bryn and publicly mistrusts your. For the treat, she favors a-two-passed higher axe one she offers slung around the the girl straight back.

Mouse is limited having his age-that’s slight actually, as an earlier halfling-with blonde, curly hair and a great cherubic deal with. They have dark brown vision and you will quite directed ears. He wears a couple of patched pants which have suspenders and a shed clothing, obviously made for a person kid larger than simply himself.

Jarah have good stocky build, that is really the only patron to stand tall than Bryn. Because the an one half-orc, she has greyish skin and you may a robust, protruding jaw, though the rest of the woman face was decidedly feminine. She’s a proper-muscled muscles out of years of degree together greataxe, and you may a dense black colored plait that she wears off the girl back. Jarah has the stats out of a veteran but she uses a good great axe instead of any kind of weapon (greataxe. Melee Gun Assault: +5 going to, reach 5ft., one address. Hit: 9 (1d12 + 3) slashing ruin), and that is in keeping gowns the majority of go out (Air-conditioning eleven).

Aren N men individual Thief Aren with his around three underlings try members of brand new Ebon Syndicate (all four have the stats out-of a great spy). It really worth money most importantly of all, and you will would gladly activate each other for the ideal rates. They pass its captivity because of the playing and you may doing most other games regarding chance, and always choice to win, sometimes against the better judgement. Aren has actually a great shabby appearance and rough articulation, most likely the result of are increased in the certainly one of thieves out of an early age. Aren are lean and you can short statured of years of malnutrition, but is believe it or not agile to the his foot and you may an adept lockpick. He has lank brownish hair and you can eco-friendly attention, and you may a tat of your Hawk Moth icon for the their tits. He’s tanned out of several years of using up unusual services to spend his method from places out of Etharis, and address others having a harsh Popular highlight.

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