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Grief-stricken, Claire vows revenge upon Kaia’s killer even if she has to find a way back to The Bad Place, unaware that Dark Kaia opened a rift of her own and crossed to their world. Bobby sends the Winchesters to see Frank when two Leviathans begin a series of killings throughout the country, masquerading as the brothers. When Sam and Dean enter Frank’s house, he is waiting in the dark with a shotgun. He is prepared to shoot them, but because he owes Bobby he agrees to help them. At first, Frank believes that Leviathan Sam and Leviathan Dean are clones created by the government. Frank advises the boys to go into hiding, maybe even move to Cuba, but Dean says they need to go “further off the grid, but keep us on the board” so they can hunt down the Leviathans.

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After he gets beaten up by Monty, Jess is shown to be really upset. She also defends him to Justin, saying, that Alex might be a pain in the ass at times, but he’s a decent person who has never lied to her. Alex is shown to have a history of bullying and depression, and possibly being suicidal for a long time. In “The Little Girl”, Justin says he used to defend him when the Liberty kids called Alex homophobic slurs because of his ‘gay’ hair. In “The Third Polaroid”, flashbacks to before Alex’s suicide attempt showed him taking MDMA with a group of his friends, including Hannah, Clay, and Jeff. In “Nobody’s Clean”, Alex confesses to Clay and Ani that nothing in his life felt right even before he shot himself, and later he tells Clay that he has run out of ways to hurt himself.

Linda finds her husband’s old ring, the object Kevin is attached to and decides to take him home with her despite the risks so she can look after him until he can enter Heaven. However, the detective she called in to help turns out to be the Leviathan Edgar and he kills the angels and captures her and her son. In season 13’s “War of the Worlds”, an alternate universe Kevin appears as a Prophet loyal to Michael in Apocalypse World. He meets Lucifer and the latter informs him of his counterpart’s status, which shocks him.

Disguised as a maid, Eileen comes to the mistaken impression that the Winchesters are Banshees and attacks Sam before they can sort it all out. The Winchesters learn that Eileen’s grandfather was a Man of Letters, making her a Legacy like them. With the help of the Winchesters and Mildred Barker, Eileen finally kills the Banshee and get her revenge. However, Eileen decided to remain a hunter rather than return to a normal life. Despite the Winchesters and Castiel saving her, Claire makes it clear that she still doesn’t trust them, and resists Castiel’s efforts to help her.

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Abraxas offers to tell Nick what he wants to know if Nick murders Mary. The Winchesters and Sheriff Donna Hanscum interrupt, causing Nick to break the devil’s trap and free Abraxas. Abraxas reveals to Nick that Lucifer ordered him to commit the murders and Abraxas had chosen him by throwing a dart at the phone book. While Abraxas is distracted, Nick approaches from behind and kills Abraxas with an angel blade. And they are also almost certainly not going to want to give anyone the chance to use their privileged information to poke their nose where it doesn’t belong, and it’s a reasonable fear.

Garth directs the Winchesters to a place he has heard rumors of in Alaska where they might be able to regain their normal abilities and dances with Bess as they drive away. Garth eventually disappears sometime after “Taxi Driver” and is found by Sam and Dean in “Sharp Teeth” where he reveals that he was turned into a werewolf on a hunt two months before his disappearance and hid it. Garth has joined a pack of werewolves that peacefully coexist with humans and married one named Bess. After Sam and Dean find him, he introduces them to the pack and tries to convince them that everything is fine, however, members of the pack worship Fenris and want to rule over humanity. To this end, they kidnap, Garth, Bess and Sam, planning to murder Garth and Bess and frame Sam and Dean to goad the pack into returning to their old beliefs and bring about Ragnarok.

Red-eyed Demons – The crossroads demons are the demon deal-makers. They make deals to buy a human soul in exchange for granting wishes, a standard deal that typically lasts for ten years. After the deal period has expired, this person is killed by a hellhound and his soul will go to hell unless the person can find a way to make a second bargain with the demon. To make a second bargain, however, the person must offer something more valuable than their soul. Unlike most monster species, vampires can occasionally be cured and reverted to their original human state.

In “Swan Song”, after Sam says yes to Lucifer, he abandons Nick’s body for Sam’s. Nick is left dead on the ground, completely burned out from containing Lucifer for nearly a year. One day in 1987, Mick and Timothy were pulled into the office of Doctor Hess, the Headmistress and one of the British Men of Letters Elders.

After Ramiel nearly kills Dean, Sam steals the Lance of Michael from him with the help of a distraction by Mary and impales the Prince with the weapon. Designed to kill Lucifer, the Lance turns Ramiel to dust and is shortly thereafter destroyed by Crowley to save Castiel’s life. In season 10’s “Dark Dynasty”, Crowley ties the demon to a pillar and uses him as a makeshift dartboard. Crowley’s sadistic game of darts is interrupted by two demons with bad news about his mother.

Tyler asked him if he was supposed to do that with the injuries from his suicide attempt, but Alex said that he’ll be fine and they’ll keep it a secret as that’s what they do for each other. In the ring, Alex started punching Tyler while Tyler tried to say that it wasn’t a good idea to start fighting. Alex started getting angry and said hurtful things to Tyler, calling him a pussy and a freak. Tyler told him to stop and punched back, knocking Alex to the ground. Tyler immediately apologized and tried to help him up, but Alex told him he’s fine and to continue the fight. When Justin was dying from HIV in the hospital, Alex and Charlie found Zach drinking at the pier and tried to convince him to see Justin.